What is your pleasure: London Hot Blondes

I do have a real passion for dating London escorts but they have to be really hot blondes otherwise it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t why I have developed such a passion for blondes but it may have come from when I first started to date regular girls. I found that all of the girls that I went out with were great, but the blondes were always the hottest and craziest. Since I had such a great time with regular blondes I figured that blonde escorts must be even better. So far I have not been wrong – they are incredible.

There are quite a few areas in London where you can date hot blondes like www.cityofeve.com, but I find that the blonde Mayfair escorts are the hottest and sexiest. They have that special touch about them and always wear the best gear. That is important to me as well as I just love a lady who knows how to dress like a sexy vixen. All of the girls that I have met in Mayfair have worked hard to make all of my dates really special so I will stick to dating them in the future. I have tried other London escorts agencies as well, but none of them have been that great.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that some girls are more talented than others. London escorts have a special knack with gents and I just love that special little touch. It could be something that they say or in a way them move. As a matter of fact, it is hard to define – I just know that it is there. Ask yourself if you would rather date a cheap slut or a girl who really knows what she is doing. I would rather settle for the latter.

Canary Wharf is another new area of London where you will find a lot of London escorts, but to me there is something missing. I am not sure the Canary Wharf girls can provide me with what I need so I have only ever dated once or twice in this area. A lot of the escorts who work here in this part of London are very young and lack the experience. I think that if you are a gent who have plenty of dating experience, you are better sticking to areas of London such as Mayfair and Kensington. This is where you will find the top escorts.

London is probably the best capital in the world right now to date escorts in. I have tried dating in other parts of the world when I have been there on business but it has not been the same. Every date that I have had has just confirmed what I already knew – London escorts are special and it is as simple as that. These days I hang on to everything that I have got until I get home, Then I arrange a couple of explosively hot dates with my favorite girls in London.

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