What do you put in in a Christmas Stocking for an Escorts

Since my marriage broke up, I have been dating a very special girl at Acton escorts. Apart from being a busty blonde, she is one of the sweetest girls that I have ever met, and I love to spend time with her, I am pretty sure that I am not the only guy who hook up with her at Acton escorts, who really fancy her. But, one thing is for sure, I would like to make her Christmas special.

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Most of the guys who date Acton escorts probably buy the girls at Christmas present, but I would like mine to stand out. Instead of buying her one big Christmas, I have decided to buy her several small ones and put them into a Christmas stocking for her. I thought that it would be something a little bit special and I hope that her other dates at Acton escorts in London come up with the same idea.

As I am going around doing my own Christmas shopping, I am picking up all sorts of small bits and pieces. My girl at Acton escorts is not that sort of girl who likes clutter, so I am being very careful with the things that I am buy for her. Perfumes is probably a rather common gift, so I have gone for a nice body lotion instead. The other thing I have bought, are a couple of pairs of really nice hold up stockings. I am sure that she will love with them, and look really sexy in them.

I am debating about putting something bling in the Christmas stocking. It cannot be big so I think that I will go for something like a pair of earrings or a small bracelet. Unfortunately, I am not very good at buying bling so I will have to trust the advice of my jeweler here in London. I am sure that he will be able to come up with a good idea. Sure, the gift should be nice, but at the same time, not over the top at all. She is not the sort of girl who likes that sort of thing. The criteria has been rather tough and she is probably why I have been asking her so many question recently about her likes and dislikes. When she sees her Christmas stockings, I am sure she will see why.

It is kind of hard to present buy for someone you don’t know well. One thing that I know about, is that she loves her little balcony garden. I have bought her an entire seed collection so that she can grow stuff on her balcony. She says it is the perfect way to relax after a long day a Acton escorts, and loves to spend time on there when she has day off. Are the girls at Acton escorts tough? Not really, I think that the girl I date at the escort agency in Acton, is a real little pussy cat and I love my little Acton pussy to bits.

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