Micro Flirting – what is it?

The latest craze in London is micro flirting. You may never have heard of the term before, and when I first heard of it, I thought it sounded a bit strange. I am not sure that micro flirting really exists, and there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to micro flirting. One of the girls here at London x city escorts thinks that it means that you have had a one night stand with a guy other than your partner, but I am not sure micro flirting has anything to do with sex at all.

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Everyone I have spoken to about micro flirting seems to have their own idea. To me, it just means that you may be holding hands with a male colleague over a cup of coffee, or something like that, but other think it is about more than that. If it is about more than just winking to someone or holding hands, I would not actually call it micro flirting. In my book, it would be something much more than that, and I am not sure that is okay.

As London escorts, I am pretty sure that we micro flirt all of the time without thinking about the concept of micro flirting. London escorts do touch a lot, and I would think that as we are kind of touchy feely as I like to say, it would make us ideal micro flirters. As a matter of fact, I would say that the majority of girls who work for London escorts enjoy flirting, and if there is such a thing as micro flirting, I would say that we are all very good at it.

Do we enjoy it? I like flirting with people, and I don’t care if I flirt with a man or a woman. We all need some affection in our lives, and micro flirting seems to fit in well. The other day when I was on my way to start my shift at London escorts, I flirted with a guy. He was on the Underground, looked really unhappy like he had a bad day at work, but when I winked to him on one I, he soon cheered up and gave me a big smile.

In general I think that we should be careful when it comes to flirting. You can lead someone on when you don’t mean to and that is when it can all go wrong. Flirting is fun, but some of the girls here at London escorts see it as a sport. I am not sure that is such a good idea. You risk hurting someone’s feelings if you are not genuine about your flirting. That innocent wink can be easily misunderstood, and if you then refuse to speak to that person, it could mean that you have upset his or her feelings. So, if you are planning on engaging in micro flirting, make sure that it is genuine and comes from the heart. When it does, it makes flirting special.

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