Make It Hot, Plan Your Approach: How To Turn A Conversation To Sex In 4 Easy Steps

Are you one of the sad souls still focused on pickup lines? Have you met that beautiful, foxy vixen, started up a perfectly good conversation, only to have her titter off to her friends a few minutes later? What you need my friend, isn’t a plethora of perfect pick-up lines. No, it’s much more subtle, much more powerful, and much more effective to work on the way that you’re acting, introducing sex naturally and dancing around the topic in a way that keeps her attention.

We’ve got 4 fool proof strategies that will get you where you need to go with just a little bit of practice:

Work on Flipping the Script- Be Playful But Not Too Forward

Take some time to hang out with your friends who seem to pull in all the chicks, and follow their lead. You’ll realize they say a lot of brash and playful things, without worrying about the outcome. Say brash things, like “You’re flirting with me, aren’t you?” or “You know you’re not getting with me, right?” It’s all about bringing up dirty thoughts, without pushing dirty actions. It’s mostly mental with the vixens.

Bring in a Second Opinion- Figure Out How to Bring up the Topic of Sex

Sometimes, you can bring up a celebrity’s sex life, or dating in general- as long as you are being funny without being whiny or complaining. Ask a girl about a sexy topic, just getting her opinion, figuring out if she agrees or disagrees. Most of the time, a woman will run with a topic, just to see where it leads. It’s kind of risky, and some sound kind of fake, so be original! But avoid being creepy like the plague.

Make a Sexy (But Playful) Assumption

One of the most attractive things for a woman is being complimented- like a gentleman. Tell her how her lips are like perfect rubies, or how you automatically assumed she was a good kisser. If she’s looking at your eyes, look her right back and tell her how you think they’re gorgeous, if she’s looking at your lips, tell her to kiss you already. Be bold, be brave, get the girl.

Figure Out the Right Vocal Octave, and Don’t be Afraid of a Sensual Touch!

Women love men with deeper voices. Not scary deep, just deep enough that they know you’re a real man. If you’re having an off day, try to keep your voice a little lower, and you’ll notice she’s more comfortable around you- because she’ll feel safe, and you’ll be putting off more sexual, masculine energy that she’ll crave. Try it out!

Sure, it seems complicated, but it’s not as hard as you’re making it seem. The whole act is a game- treat it like one. Don’t get too serious, try not to get tongue tied or embarrassed, and roll with the punches, getting in a few “licks” for good measure. Take the time to focus on being the top dog- but not trying to force her, or sound like you’re pushy, because that’s a total turn off. Take a step back, and be a man! The women will come flocking in. But don’t try them all at once, fellas.

Check out for real sex.

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