London escorts in goal

Who do you have your sights on tonight? I have been dating London escorts of for some time now, and I always find it really difficult to pick a girl. The truth is that I can spend hours going through the web site, and still not decide. The other day I was transfixed to my screen when the boss walked in. He couldn’t believe his eyes and we started going through the site together, As he is recently divorced, I said that I would set up a date with a really hot girl for him. At first he seemed a bit reluctant but in the end he agreed.

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I got really embarrassed when the boss walked in but it did not seem to bother him. He started to tell me about some of the Las Vegas escorts that he had dated during a business conference he had attended there last year. At first I couldn’t believe it because he seems like such a straight guy. But the way he started to check those London escorts out really had me wondering. It was soon clear that this was a man of some serious experience with hot escorts. He was reading all of the About Me Pages and explaining about some of the girls. Little did I know, but my boss is seriously into escorts.

After a little while of going through the London escorts site, he asked if they did duo dating. Now, I was really taken back. It was clear that this guy in his 50’s enjoyed duo dates whenever he traveled abroad for the company. He said that every time he went to the States, his credit card took a real bashing as he dated some of the hottest duo teams available. At the end of our chat, he asked me if I had ever been on a duo date. When I said I hadn’t, he said that I simply must try and told a couple of the London escorts would probably make really hot duo dates.

Taken back by my boss confession, I picked up the phone and asked the girl if they had any duo teams available tonight. What my boss had told me had really wetted my appetite and I was now anxious to try a duo date. I asked the girl on the phone what happened during a duo date, and I could not quite believe my ears. This simply had to be experienced.

Later on that evening I experienced my first duo date and it was an experience that was out of this world. All of the crazy stuff my boss had told me about was really true, and I could not believe the two London escorts. I have to say that I did not think I had it in me, but it was the best fun that I have had behind closed doors in my entire life. Will I do it again? Once I have recovered I will… it was just one of those things that you can get seriously addicted to.

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