I am looking for some sugar, can you help…

How do you make some extra cash on the side of Epping escorts? I am saving really hard at the moment to reach a couple of goals. First of all, I like to decorate the flat that I have just bought. Once I finished paying for everything to do with the flat, I soon realised that there was not going to be a lot of money over to decorate the flat. At the moment, I have got a bed, sofa and table. Really I need a lot more than that to make my new found personal space look nice and cosy.

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Even if you go to IKEA, things are not really cheap. A friend of mine who works for an other escort agency in south London, came up with the idea of advertising for a Sugar Daddy. I did not think that she would have the time to look after a Sugar Daddy, but she has been able to fit in around her work at the escort agency. As a matter of fact, she has two Sugar Daddies she looks after. Once I got some advice from her, I realised I could do the same thing at Epping escorts.

I did think that finding a Sugar Daddy was going to be really tough when I first heard of the idea, but it was not too bad at all. You can use a specialist site which makes all of the arrangements for you, but I decided to set up my own blog instead. I used my first name and sugar babe in London, and before I knew it, I had a couple of gents getting in touch with me. They were both local gents and wanted someone who they could take out in business dinners. I did not mention that I worked for Epping escorts, but made it soon like I was studying instead.

The fact is that I am actually studying as well as working at Epping escorts, so my conscious is clear. Anyway, it turned out to be kind of interesting to hook up with my potential sugar daddies. A couple of them mentioned that they wanted just a companion to dine with, but were not keen on using escorts services, and this is why they were considering the Sugar Daddy option. To prove to them that I was honest about my attention, and not offering a sexual service at all, I sat up meetings with them. We talked about what they wanted, and what I needed.

Before I knew it, I had made arrangements with three different Sugar Daddies. They pay me an agreed amount every month, and I make sure that my time with them fits in around Epping escorts. It is working out very well, and I am making a lot more money than I thought that I would ever make. Is it something that I would recommend? I would not only recommend it to other escorts, but I would recommend to other girls as well. You can make a lot of money this way, and it is actually a really good way to get to know people in business. Will I continue to expand the service? As a matter of fact, I think I will.

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