How to hustle like a man

When I was growing up, I had a pretty hard time and had to learn how to hustle if I wanted to get something. Both of my parents were alcoholics and we were always short of money. Ever since I was rather young, I had to make a bit of money for myself, and started to work when I was really young. I used to hustle local shops for work, and see if they had some little errands that I could do. Asking for work was a good experience and made me really confident. That helped a lot like when I joined Richmond escorts in


Let’s put it this way, my career path was not clear and I did not immediately join Richmond escorts when I moved to London. The first thing I did was to work in bar in Soho. It was the nicest job, but I did eventually make enough money to rent a place on my own. One night, I stood up and danced on the bar for a couple of guys on stag do, and that is how I ended up becoming a dancer. I discovered that I loved dancing at the guys seemed to appreciate my efforts. Unfortunately the bar was raided as the owner sold drunks from behind the bar.

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After that, I took the next step to joining Richmond escorts. I found a really good dancing job in bar. The job involved a little bit of hostess work as well, and that is when I met my first sugar daddy. He was a lot older than me, but loved to take care of me. Yes, I did hustle him for stuff using my feminine charms, and he bought lots of nice stuff. When I had enough of him, I started to sell the stuff of and stuck all of the money in the bank instead.


It was around this time I met my man at Richmond escorts. He was the owner of the agency, and after he came into the bar one night, I have never looked back. I thought I was going to hustle him to get a job with Richmond escorts, but he said that he saw talent in me straight away. After that I joined the agency, and I have never looked back since. Yes, I still hustle to get what I want but I cannot help that. To be honest, I don;t think a lot of my gents realize they are being hustled.


When you are woman, you can hustle like a man but in a different way. I use my feminine charms when I hustle and that involves a lot of flirting and sweet looks. It is my own personal brand of hustling. Some of the Russian girls who work for the agency are really pushy, but I don’t think pays off. The directly ask for things but I never to that. My hustle involves a lot of wet eyed looks and nice smiles. You should think like a man when you hustle, but you should not act like one. In that way, you are much more like to get what you are after.

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