Does he get it?

I would say that one of the reasons my ex and I split up was because he did not understand how I wanted to be seduced. All women, including Croydon escorts, thrive on seduction. As a matter of fact, I would say that Croydon escorts are more dependent on seduction than any body else when they come home after a long day working for a Croydon escorts agency.

After all, Croydon escorts will have spent most of the day making others feel special, so is not about time the men in Croydon escorts lives seduced them? But how can you encourage a man to get it right?

Seducing women whether they are Croydon escorts or not can’t be very easy. Knowing how to seduce women including Croydon escorts must be even harder. A couple of Croydon escorts that I spoke to said that their men folk don’t seem to get it right at all.

Did he get it right?

Looking back at my own relationship with my ex, I have come to realised that one of the reasons he never got it right, was because we were from different backgrounds. I had grown up in the Middle East where men are very respectful to women, and will even plate up your food to seduce you.

He had grown up between various English public school, and always seemed to bring his public school boy image with him. There was nothing like running me a bath, or giving my feet a rub. No, his style of seduction included sweeping me up in his arms, and passionately asking me to come to bed with him. I was always left wanting and wandering when the intro would start, but it never happened.

Another favourite if his was rowing me around outside his home on the banks of the river Thames going on about how marvellous nature was and how we were part of it. Well, if this is what they teach you in sex education classes in English public schools– help us all.

What is it about?

So what is the art of seduction about? My husband is from the Middle East, and goes about it totally different. Perhaps we just suit each other but his idea of seduction seems to be about relaxation. Like all Middle Eastern men he can shop for hours, and he thinks nothing about massaging me feet if I say that they hurt.

He will go shopping for the best aromatherapy oils, and light oil burners around our home. It has made me realise that the art of seduction is also about relaxation, it is important to “sink” into the moment, rather than brutally “fall” into it. Most of the time I don’t even recognise the signals of being seduced but I have come to appreciate that his attentions are part of an ongoing process which probably happens in most Middle Eastern homes.

Many Middle Eastern men like to take care of their women, and the new generation that my husband belongs to do, does so it a completely different way. It is almost seamless, and will have you feeling relaxed and comfortable around your partner. Could it be that relaxation is what most women need when it comes to seduction???

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