Are one night stands coming back?

So many of my friends at Epping escorts are having one night stands that I am beginning to wonder if they are coming back into fashion. They went totally out of fashion, but now when people are happy to talk about safe sex, they seem to be coming back. I have not had a steady boyfriend in ages and I know that many of the other girls are in the same boat. If that is the case, it makes you wonder where we are going to get some personal satisfaction.

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I have had some one stands recently and I have to admit that I have enjoyed them. At first I was expecting to feel kind of cool towards them, but I do actually feel okay. It is nice to be able to hook up with a really hot guy and just have some fun. If you are both prepared to say that you just want to have some fun, I don’t think that one night stands will do you any harm at all. As a matter of fact, like one of the girls at Epping escorts says, they are the best fun you can have with your clothes off.

Are you using each other? The other night I was trying to get it on with this really sexy guy I had just met in a bar. I kept touching him and making sure that he knew that I wanted him. After a couple of hours, he asked me if I was after a one night stand. I said that he really turned me on, but he said that we would only end up using each other. I felt really strange and it was just like he had told me that I was ugly. No one at Epping escorts have made me feel like that before and I left in a huff.

Most of the time, I do tell guys that I am just after a quickie or one night stand. Guys are normally okay about that sort of stuff. I think that they find it kind of refreshing that a girl can be honest enough to tell them she is looking for one special night. If you like, you are not doing anything that they have not been doing for years. The guys that I have met at Epping escorts all say that they like a woman who is honest about what she wants.

Do women need sex as much as men do? I am sure that they do. There are less male escorts in London but I think that many women are happy in their own company. When it comes to going out for a drink or a meal, women are happy to do so in their own company. But I know from my colleagues at Epping escorts that all ladies enjoy having some sex in their lives. That we can be just as blunt about it as men can may come as a surprise to most men, but why shouldn’t we. Having sex is a need just like when we eat or sleep. We are happy to express those needs, why should we not express our need for sex.

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